Bee Adan

Helping You Build The Future You Deserve

Every journey starts with a single step into the right direction. Your success rely on your actions and mindset

Topics I Discuss



How motivated are you ? Are you ready to go extra mile ? do you have the right mind set ?



Whatever you can dream, you can create !! The bigger your vision , the bigger the success you will achieve. 



Starting with a business plan will help you to build your business on the right track!! The business plan will help you to set the strategy and monitor the progress nice and easy.


Start up

Do you need to register your business with the right govermental departments or controlling bodies ? How do you reach them? 


Setting up your company

Knowledge is power, have you gathered all the relevant information about your business? We will help you to source the right courses to achieve your dreams


Bank Loans or goverment funded grants

Do yo know that every business can get help even from start. Reaching to the right people and having strong connections will take you further. 


Bookkeeping Support

Keeping on top of your number are the key to see where you are going. Whilst you are working to build the business, it is good to have a helping hand to work with your daily ledger.


Website & Social Media Account Set up

Every business need to use the power of social media. Doing it the right way will bring you result much quicker. Don’t waste your time to keep posting!

About Me

I’m Bee Adan.
I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

I have graduated from the University of Istanbul with a degree in Sociology. I came to London to learn English and fell in love with the opportunities and life style. I discovered my true power and achieved many things that I coul dnot have made it back in my own country. The system is well set up and all you need is the knowledge to take your business to another level. I have et up various businesses from Letting Management Agency to one of the first Turkish Bar in London, restaurant bar to a construction firm , designing and selling kitchens and refurbishment a extension projects. Every business starts with an idea or a dream and the rest requires a well designed road map which is a business plan and a supporting hand to show you how and when to do what and so on. 

The power is within you , let's empower it together to create a more fulfilling life


Isimiz hakkinda kimler ne demis?

“Ankara Anlasmasi Vizesine basvurumu basindan sonuna kadar basaryla tamamlamis, 1 sene sonra ki uzatma vizeme 3 yil vize almis olan danismanima ne kadar tesekkur etsem azdir. Detaylara verdigi extra dikkat, her evrak icin verdigi ozel yorum, referanslarimda gercegi olabildigince yansitmasi inanilmaz basarili. Kendisi ile calisma sansina eristigim icin cok sansliyim.

C.E / Londra

“Sponsorship Lisansimi puruzsuz ve cabucak alan, sectigim kalifiye elemanlarin dosyasini da muhtesem guzel derleyen danismanima sonsuz tesekkurler!"

C.A /Londra

"Bee has arranged all my papers for Skilled worker visa application and she has organized the appointments including the upload my supporting documents on my behalf. Very efficient ! grateful for the fantastic job"

gilmar / brazil

"Uzatma vizemizin vaktini kacirmistik. Herkes Turkiye ye geri donmem, isi birakmam gerektigini soyledi, yeni bebegimizle beraber 3 yillik vizemizi almamizda buyuk yardimi olan Bingul Adan 's minnetdariz. Gocmen yasasini bu kadar guzel bilmesi, ve her olayin ayri degerlendirilmesi gerektigini soyleyen mukemmel yorumu bize bugun huzurla yasamimiza devam etmemizi sagladi teskkurler Bingul Adan ."

B.E /Londra

ve daha bir cok mutlu musterimizden biris olmak ister misiniz ?